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The Juicy Woman Podcast:

Stop 'Weighting' for Perfect!

Can't stand another minute of feeling disgusted and ashamed of your size? Tired of hiding, playing small and putting off living and loving because you don't have that perfect body you want? The answer isn't another diet. Did you know that you can build confidence and get healthier and happier without ever having to diet or deprive yourself again?

Your journey to a lighter, happier, thinner 'you' starts with a spoonful of self acceptance.

Join Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman as she shares her wisdom and guidance on what you need to do to get healthier slowly at your own pace, without ever feeling deprived of the foods you love again.

Learn and be inspired by Andrea as she teaches you her secrets to livin' juicy, lovin' your thighs at any size and ending your food and weight struggles once and for all.

#1 - Stop 'Weighting' for Perfect

If you're hating your body, are you thinking that life is going to change once you get thinner? Are you anticipating that as those pounds drop, and the scale moves in your favor, that everything will effortlessly fall into place, and all the situations you've avoided facing will magically resolve themselves?

Thanks to the billions of dollars spent on advertising and hype, promoting diets, many women are fooled into thinking that losing weight is the answer to all their problems.

In her first introductory podcast entitled, "Stop Weighting for Perfect," Andrea explains why thinking like a dieter is a recipe for disaster. Find out why you must learn to accept your 'before' overweight body to mentally prepare yourself to maintain your slender 'after' body.

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Stop 'Weighting' for Perfect!


"I have known and worked with Andrea for several years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is simply the best in her field. Do what she says with all your heart, take her advice and apply it to your life, and you will be transformed. As well, you will have fun along the way."

K. Lacey, editor


"Andrea is one of the most professional, focused, caring, creative and thoughtful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always full of ideas, she is way ahead of the curve. Always stretching, searching, she is out to gather information to share with the world to help propel people's dreams forward and have them live a full and vibrant life full of self-love and acceptance. She embodies the philosophy, "The quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want." By that I mean, she is a most loving, open-hearted, generous person and the world reflects that back to her. We are very, very lucky to have Andrea taking the world by storm on our behalf!"

Sally Shield, Author, "The Daughter-in-Law Rules (




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