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Juicy Woman Resources

Get Juicy With Our Recommended Resources

  • Articles by Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman
    Andrea Amador, Certified Energy Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, uses powerful changework methods including coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Acupressure Technique, and the Z Point Process to inspire woman who are emotional eaters to control their bodies, overcome their fears, pare down the pounds, focus on their gifts, get unstuck and love themselves more. Through her company The Juicy Woman, she inspires women to live juicy, embrace their experience and spice up their lives.

  • Juicy Fun Resources
    Download the EFT Primer and EFT Basics.

  • Andrea Recommends
    Here are some great resources that Andrea Recommends for all Juicy Women.

  • Join The Juicy Woman Forum!
    Are you a gal who's an emotional eater, ready to get off the diet roller-coaster, willing to try something different, and eager to make peace with all foods? Welcome, welcome, welcome. I'm so glad that you could join me. This is the place for you!

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