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"Andrea and I worked together on a number of projects and I can tell you: she definitely deserves her monicker. This woman absolutely oozes energy and goodness. Andrea deeply engages in all the programs she prepares for her clients... she brings her full self and it shows. If you're exploring an alternative method of healing and growth, treat yourself to a heart full guide who will take you there and deliver. That's Andrea Amador."

Howell Burnell
"Andrea is a loving wise old soul in a young and dynamic body. Her wisdom and insight in human nature and her tons of resources are a blessing to anyone who is wise enough to engage her as a coach."

Tania de Winne, MD
"Andrea Amador is a powerful speaker with a clear message of empowerment, delivered with insight, wisdom and humor."

Jana Stanfield, Motivational Speaker
Professional Singer/songwriter
I just wanted to thank you for the teleclass you presented on "zapping your cravings." It was very helpful for me. As you may remember I worked with you on always feeling the need to take food in the car with me when I was driving, even for short distances. After working with you for a short session I have not had that desire. Needless to say, I have had many opportunities to test it over the holiday season. The Emotional Freedom Technique has been very helpful but more importantly your caring, warm manner, even over the telephone, helped me to trust you and feel comfortable working with you. I hope others will have the same experience. You are a wonderful coach and very passionate about helping others.

Jane A.
Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Coach
"Andrea is as passionate about empowering people as she is compassionate with them. There have been many days when that cynical little voice in my head left me hesitant and inactive. Andrea was genuinely non-judgmental and supportive, I felt validated. She's who you want on the other end of the line when faced with a hurdle. With Andrea, you'll discover that you can trust yourself."

M. Lewis, Homemaker
The teleclasses were informative, valuable, and supportive, AND my eating HAS changed!  Without really planning to do it, I am listening to my inner signals of full and honoring them. I ask myself why I am eating.  I am curious to know what those hunger signals actually feel like.   In a way I have made a bit of peace with food and enjoy knowing I am really looking after myself when I eat when I am hungry.  I feel more relaxed eating around other people.  I feel less need to keep up "appearances of nutritional correctness" and more permission to be myself and eat what I enjoy.  Imagine eating a chili cheese hotdog and feeling totally satisfied!!!

Linda Schaumleffel
"Improving brain function to enhance your performance"
Andrea, the Juicy Woman is amazing, encouraging, supportive & an expert I can trust!  Her enthusiasm for EFT-the tapping vanquishes your unhealthy-grab & gobble eating styles!  Hey, I love ice cream-she doesn't say foods are no-nos.  Through intuitive eating I'm relearning what my body wants...I'm taking the next Losing Weight Without Dieting Program-know I missed lots!  Want more support!  Thanks, Andrea!

Marcia Merrill, Career/Life Transitions Coach
Marcia the Transition Chick!
"Andrea helped me with an emotionally difficult situation by asking insightful questions, and in doing so I was able to find answers from within and resolve my problem. She taught me how to focus so that I could restore my balance. I recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a highly intelligent and supportive coach"

P. Ahn, Attorney
"Working with Andrea gave me many great tools to use to break the dieting cycle. If one tool doesn't work for you she'll pull another one out of her never ending arsenal. Andrea is a truly caring person who really wants you to succeed in her programs. You'll really feel like you have a cheerleader on your side rooting for you all the way."

Brenda M
Personal Trainer
"Andrea's seminars are well thought out and researched. They are informative and fun while they make the participant realize their worth."

Khorshed Randeria, Teacher
"I was stuck. You opened the gates. More than this, you made me open them. Thanks to your coaching, I feel great, confident and powerful."

F. Beucher, Speaker, Trainer
I want to thank you so, so much. The weight is just dropping off, now whenever I look at anything I put into my body, I ask myself, ďWhat do I really want?Ē I might have that warm apple pie and Iím going to put the whip cream on it and Iím going to enjoy it, Iím going to hold it in my mouth and swirl it around and really taste it. Andrea, You took the badness out of it, Now I know that I can have that, Iím going to have that am Iím going to enjoy every bite and Iím not a horrible person for doing it. Now I donít want two pieces of pie because I ate it so fast. Iím satisfied with one. I think that worst thing that I did was eat cold food out of the refrigerator which I refuse to do anymore.

Foods that I thought I liked, I donít like. I really donít! When I actually focused on their taste, and smell and focused on what I was eatingÖ it was amazing. Like certain types of pizza, I thought I liked stuff on it and I donít, itís just amazing that foods that I would have eaten before and not thought anything about it, I donít like them anymore. Iím getting to the point where I wonít eat anything I donít want. Now I know that if I make a sandwich, I sometimes donít like the texture of the bread or the tomato is too soggy or the miracle whip is too sweet and I just wonít eat it if I donít love it.

Foods that I thought I like, I just donít. Iíve been becoming more acutely aware of what I was hungry for, not just hungry for food, a particular food, but I would ask myself ďIs this what I wantĒ Do I want Cinnamon Toast or Raisin Bran for breakfast? And the raisin bran won out so I became really discerning about what I wanted and Iím leaving a lot of food on my plate now. It feels really comfortable and I feel good doing that.

I have learned that I not only eat food but I do other things to distract me and get me out of my feelings.


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