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Andrea is available for television, radio and print interviews.  Contact Andrea at or 845-425-1661

Media Release/ Intro:

When you look in the mirror, do you love what you see? Women are bombarded by so many negative messages, promoting prejudice and self hatred of their bodies. Andrea Amador, CEC, M.NLP is the Juicy Woman, a Body Image and Self Esteem expert. She is a Professional Certified Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, who says this negative attention creates bad feelings that live rent free in our bodies and become self-fulfilling prophesies. This keeps most women stuck in a cycle of dieting and binging, hating their bodies. Find out how you can break the cycle and start loving your body today.

Welcome Andrea Amador 

Sample Questions:

  1. First off what’s a Juicy woman?
  2. What makes you qualified to be the leader of all Juicy Women?
  3. How can you possibly start feeling good and making a positive change if you are constantly bombarded with feelings of YOU’re not good enough?
  4. Where does this negative feeling come from?
  5. What are 7 quick tips any woman can use now to love herself more?
  6. How do we go about changing the programming?
  7. What can you tell someone who is listening right now…how do they start?
  8. How do people get more information
  9. Andrea, you sound very passionate about this topic…why?
  10. Where do people find out more about you and becoming a Juicy woman?



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About the Author

Andrea Amador, CEC. M.NLP is "The Juicy Woman". She is a Body Image/Self Esteem Expert and a Professional Certified Empowerment Coach who creates customized confidence building and stress relief programs for groups of women and girls.

As a curvy and confident plus size gal and a woman who’s had her share of adversity, Andrea is a powerful role model for her audiences. She is a rare combination of professional training and raw life experience which gives her the edge in helping women who struggle with body image and/or abuse issues.

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, she sprinkles her unique blend of storytelling, spice, playfulness, authenticity, and expertise and mixes it all up in her own unique way to empower women and girls to love the skin they’re in.

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