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Articles by Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman

Andrea Amador, Certified Energy Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, uses powerful changework methods including coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Acupressure Technique, and the Z Point Process to inspire woman who are emotional eaters to control their
bodies, overcome their fears, pare down the pounds, focus on their gifts, get unstuck and love themselves more. Through her company The Juicy Woman, she inspires women to live juicy, embrace their experience and spice up their lives.


Articles by Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman

  • Being Fat Has Its Benefits: There's A Positive Intention Behind Every Behavior
    Being Fat Has Its Benefits: There's A Positive Intention Behind Every Behavior. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), there is a presupposition that states: "There is a positive intention behind every behavior even if it is not easily recognized or understood." To read the rest of the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • Intuitive Eating - Taking a Non Diet Permission-Based Approach to Overcome Emotional Eating
    Are you a plus size woman struggling with excess weight, tired of feeling ashamed and hating your body, desperate to stop dieting, but don't know how? Don't despair. Like 98% of all people who go on diets, you haven't failed at dieting; dieting has failed you. However, there is a safe, sane alternative to dieting. It's called Intuitive Eating, a permission based approach to overcome emotional eating.

  • Finding a Piece of Quiet: How to Reclaim Your Power Over Food and Reconnect With Your Body
    Bombarded by so much noise, and so many medical opinions of why we're overweight, and what we should do to fix ourselves, we women often get fooled into thinking that the problem is what we're eating. It's not. It's what's eating us! To deal with that stress and find the peace of mind necessary to untangle the knots in your life that often keep you eating when you're not hungry, you have to take steps to relax more so that you can tune into your body's own wisdom. Find out how you can begin to reclaim your power over food and reconnect with your body by finding time for yourself to enjoy a piece of quiet in your everyday life.

  • Become Aware of Your Internal Dialog - Tip 3 - How to Be a Curvy and Confident Woman at Any Size
    Are you a plus size gal struggling with excess weight and hating your body? If you're like 4 out of 5 women in the U.S., you probably hate some part of your body and have pinned all your hopes on dieting, hoping and praying that being thinner will make you happy. The cat's out of the bag--Diets don't work! You don't need to reshape your body, you need to reshape your thoughts. Find out how to get the fat out of your head and become a curvy and confident woman at any size.

  • Having a Fat Day? How to Love Your Body Even After a Binge! Part 1 of 2
    Are you a gal who's tired and frustrated with hating and criticizing yourself each and every time you overeat? Do you wonder why this is happening to you? Read on to find out how to physically baby yourself on these 'fat days' and what non dieting steps you can take in the future to avoid them.

  • Having a Fat Day? How to Love Your Body Even After a Binge - Part 2 of 2
    Most of us are disappointed and angry with ourselves when we overeat. For an emotional eater, there are triggers pushing you to eat everywhere you look. During times when you overeat, it's your body's way of having a tantrum, telling you that something is not quite right.

  • Plus Size Women Can Love the Skin They're in - 50 Self Image Makeover Morsel Tips
    As a plus size woman how much time have you wasted sighing over the size of your thighs, moping about your muffin top or groaning about the junk in your trunk? If you've spent more than a minute hating your body, you're wasting precious time. If you want to end the war with your body once and for all and begin to make peace with food, you have to first start by learning to accept your body as it is, with all the fat, chunky, chubby, and wobbly bits intact. Here are 50 quick self image makeover morsel tips to get you started on the road to self acceptance and lovin' the skin you're in.

  • Get the Fat Out of Your Head: The Art of Changing Your Thoughts to Reshape Your Body
    Most women struggling with weight issues will swear on a stack of bibles that they lack all that is necessary to eat less and get thinner. Dieting teaches us at an early age to look outside of ourselves for the answer and we end up blaming everything from our lack of self control, to Aunt Tillies' hips to Mom's heavy cooking on the problem. Read on to discover why you don't need to make a change in your eating to transform your body.

  • Closet Eating: Exposing and Healing the Secret Shame Using Emotional Freedom Technique
    Are you a woman who lives with a secret shame called, "Closet Eating?" If you're uncomfortable eating the foods you really want in front of people for fear of being judged, you've probably gotten used to feeling the need to hide food or eat in secret. Find out how you can begin the process of healing your hungry heart.

  • Mindful and Gentle Eating Process - How to Interrupt the Pattern of Emotional Eating
    If you're a gal struggling with emotional eating, you probably often feel like you have no control around food. Because you've probably used food for so long to medicate your emotions, it's become second nature. You don't have an accurate picture of it anymore. This is why you probably swear that you can't live without M&Ms, your favorite cheesy puffs or Mom's homemade lasagna. But it's not the food that's hitting your happy spots, it's the connection to those memories. Use this exercise to re-train your brain to become more mindful when eating.

  • Plus Size Women - How to Love Your Body When You Can't Stand It!
    Research shows that 4 out of 5 women hate their bodies. Are you one of them? In this article, you'll learn how to get out of the endless loop of negative thinking and hating your body. Get tips to change the way that you think and feel about your body.

  • How I Deal With My Cravings: What's Really Behind that Desperate Desire For A Slice Of Pecan Pie?
    ...I was so hungry that I could have eaten a cow and so frustrated that I really wanted to just to quell my anxiety. I was hungry and tired, not a good combination for a sound eating plan. I was feeling very vulnerable and just wanted to eat whatever I wanted to make me feel safe and comfortable and to relieve the stress of the past few hours of the trip... To read the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • How to Make Intuitive Eating Work - 9 Words and Phrases to Avoid While Developing Positive Self Talk
    Are you a plus size woman struggling with excess weight and tired of hating your body? Have you gotten to the point where you can't imagine dying without ever knowing that you can trust yourself around all foods. Do you really have to live under the shadow of dieting forever? No. You don't. There is an alternative and you'll never again have to worry about dieting anymore.

  • How to Keep a Happy Tummy, Fridge and Pantry - Clearing the Clutter Pt 1 of 2
    Does your refrigerator look like a toxic waste dump? How many times do you find yourself tossing out what used to be perfectly good food in the garbage because it's gone stale, rancid or grown moldy? As emotional eaters, many times we eat out of sheer frustration, feeling out of control and angry that things aren't more orderly and conducive to our convenience and happiness.

  • 170 Things to Do When You Want to Eat But You're Not Really Hungry
    If you are a woman struggling with emotional eating, take heart. Help is on the way. The following is a partial list of things to do when you want to eat but you're not physically hungry. Emotional Eating is when you use food to handle stress when you're overwhelmed. It's simply an association that your brain made in an effort to relieve stress. Try these ideas and you'll acquire some new coping methods.

  • Reignite Your Passion in the Bedroom - Fall in Love With Your Honey All Over Again
    As a busy gal, it's so easy to let your romantic relationship slip away and fall into a habit of working yourself to a frazzle, reaching the point of exhaustion, tumbling into bed, and sleeping with your back facing your partner yet again. Before you know it a month has gone by and you're arguing about stupid things that never used to bother you before. Whether your time and energy is getting zapped by kids or working on your business, by the end of the evening, the last thing on your mind is usually sex. Here are some tips to get started that are guaranteed to spice up the passion in your bedroom so you can fall in love with your honey all over again.

  • Mindful and Gentle Eating - The Value of Slowing Down and Tasting Your Food
    If you're a woman who is an emotional eater, you're probably not entirely aware of the fact that your food preferences are based on fulfilling your psychological needs. You are really seeking to re-experience pleasurable memories that come with eating the food you crave. In this article, I share my personal experience of how I applied a technique that I created, "The Mindful and Gentle Eating Process." It's a great method to get beneath your food obsession and find out what emotions and memories are driving you to eat.

  • How to Support Your Daughter to Make Peace With Food and Friends With Her Body
    Has it ever crossed your mind that your disordered relationship with food and your body hating ways is affecting your daughter? As a gal who's spent years struggling with emotional eating, I never realized as a mom, that my food binges and body sniping ways were teaching my child how to become an emotional eater who would never be okay with her body. Here in this article I share my experience with one of my clients, a concerned mom, telling her how I guided my daughter to overcome her emotional eating and love her body.

  • Beyond Dieting - Your Body As the Best Source of Natural Non Diet Weight Control Pt 1 of 3
    If you're a woman who's been dieting or watching your weight for awhile, there's a good chance that you've lost touch with your body's hunger signals. Did you know that your body is actually your best source of natural non diet weight control? Betcha didn't know that, because it's a closely guarded secret. It's time to spill the beans and tell you all about this amazing ability that you have to be able to control your weight by listening to your body.

  • Beyond Dieting - Your Body As the Best Source of Natural Non Diet Weight Control - Part 2 of 3
    Do you often feel like you're walking around hungry? Are you finding yourself going to the fridge many times throughout the day, opening and closing it, desperately searching for something? That hunger that's beating a path to the fridge driving your urge to eat, isn't coming from your body.

  • Stop Struggling With Food and Weight Obsession - Tip #1 - Break the Habit of Scale Hopping
    Are you in the habit of weighing yourself each morning? How does it make you feel? Do you feel nervous, anxious, frustrated or calm and peaceful? I'll bet your answer would depend upon the number on the scale. Isn't it time you took back your power and stopped letting that miserable piece of scrap metal tell you how you're entitled to feel? Find out how you could be sabotaging your best efforts and what to do to get out from under your food and weight obsession.

  • Stop Struggling With Food and Weight Obsession - Tip #2 - How to Stop Obsessing About Food
    Are you a woman struggling with excess weight, constantly being bombarded by random thoughts of food? Can't stop thinking about what to eat next? Read on to find out how a change in habit and adopting some non diet thinking can help you restore peace of mind and get control of your runaway appetite.

  • Mental Rehearsal - Visualize Yourself A Winner At Weight Control
    To read the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • Plus Size Body Love Acceptance: Inspirational Interview With Kelly Park of How to Look Good Naked
    10 If you're a plus size gal struggling with excess weight and a negative body image, you're not alone. And help is on the way. As part of the growing "Self Acceptance-Love Your Body" movement to encourage women to expand their definition of beauty, feel better about themselves and their bodies, there has been a flood of media attention aimed at empowering women. Lifetime's reality TV show, "How to Look Good Naked" hosted by Carson Kressley focuses on helping women rediscover their confidence and find self love by giving them the tools to improve their negative and distorted body images. This candid interview with Kelly Park, contributor on the show, "How to Look Good Naked" will inspire you to love your curvy self more now than ever.

  • Are You Struggling With Weight and Food Obsession? - A 17 Point Checklist For Women
    If you're a woman who has struggled for years with being overweight, feeling afraid of eating real food, caught in a cycle of binging and dieting, then you may be part of the majority of people for whom diets don't work. Read this checklist and find out if you are an emotional eater and what you can do to overcome food obsession and end body hatred once and for all.

  • Wear Clothes That Really Fit You - Tip #15 of 50 - How to Be a Curvy and Confident Woman at Any Size
    The truth is as plus size women, it can be really tough to find great clothes that fit our curvy bodies and shopping in the wrong stores can be a harrowing experience. If you've ever tried to squeeze into a pair of pants two sizes smaller, you know what I mean. Most national stores carry plus sizes but let's be honest, they're ugly as all holy hell. In this interview, professional plus size model, producer, and actress, Mia Amber Davis shares her tips with me on how to be a curvy and confident woman at any size.

  • Body Hating - Who's That Fat, Ugly Woman in the Mirror?
    Are you a woman fighting off a fat and ugly self image? When bathing suit season rolls 'round, would you rather die than bare your thighs? Locked in a clinch with your lover, is "Lights off, Honey" your mantra? That may mean that you're really uncomfortable with your body. And those negative feelings only perpetuate a self defeating cycle of overeating. You're not alone. Many women struggle with a negative body image and compulsive overeating. Find out why you have to start being okay with your body now if you ever want to end your emotional eating.

  • EFT Tapping - A Passport to Emotional Freedom and Stress Relief For Abuse Survivors
    Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short is often described as a needle-free version of acupuncture. Did you know that by learning and using this simple hands-on stress relief tapping process you can alleviate emotional hurt, overcome negative emotions like fear and anger and even neutralize negative memories, and traumatic events like sexual abuse?

  • If Only I Were Skinny - Ending the Wait For Weight - Pt 1 of 2
    As a plus size woman are you thinking that life is going to change once you get thinner? Are you anticipating that as those pounds drop, and the scale moves in your favor, that everything will effortlessly fall into place, and all the situations you've avoided facing will magically resolve themselves? Thanks to the billions of dollars spent on advertising and hype, promoting diets, many women are fooled into thinking that losing weight is the answer to all their problems. This article explains why that's a recipe for disaster and how you can get thinner without dieting by learning to accept your 'before' overweight body to mentally prepare yourself to maintain your slender 'after' body.

  • Avoid Plus Size Fitting Room Frustrations: Insider Tips for Satisfying Clothes Shopping Trips
    Clothes shopping at any stage of the shape shifting/size changing game should be an enjoyable time for every woman. It's an opportunity to clear your head, give yourself some space and time away from work or the family and enjoy seeing yourself from a fresh and fabulous perspective. It's like playing an adult version of 'the children's game, "Dress up'. It should be tons of fun. But you can't immerse yourself in the joy of the experience, if you're not in the right frame of mind. Here are the to do's and what not to do's to make your next shopping trip fabulous!

  • Stop Weighting for Perfect: Ending the Wait to Be Happy
    Too many women tend to beat up on themselves for not being perfect. As plus size women, we're led to believe that we'll be okay once we lose the weight. That leads to tremendous insecurities and what I like to call the "weighting game." Have you been weighting for perfect, putting off living and doing the things you love just because you're still overweight? That's harmful to you and it's devastating to your body. Find out why you must learn to love the skin you're in right now if you ever have a hope to get a handle on your emotional eating.

  • Are You A Juicy Woman: 10 Juicy Morsels to Getting Healthy
    Girl, you are so savvy realizing the importance of caring for yourself. You know that without taking care of yourself you won’t have the energy to enjoy anything in life. Yes. You are most definitely a Juicy Woman.

  • Say Goodbye to Dieting - Tip#2 of 50 - How to Be a Curvy and Confident Woman at Any Size
    Have you ever eaten half a chocolate cake, a pint of ice cream or downed a whole plate of nachos and then felt terrible about yourself? That's an experience all too common for any gal who struggles with emotional eating, eating to feed your feelings. You may find yourself craving chocolate when you're blue, nachos when you're bored, a big plate of pasta when you're disappointed, sugar when you're tired and anything crunchy when your nerves are on edge. Experts now say that diets are not the answer and in order to break the cycle and become a normal eater, you have to learn how make peace with food.

  • How I Used the Power of Anchors to Encourage a Shy,Withdrawn 5 Year Old Girl to Speak
    NeuroLinguistic Programming, or NLP, is a much used tool in many coaching practices but the tool can, and should, be applied to situations in our every day lives as NLP has several techniques for diagnosing and intervening in certain situations. In this story, I would like to share how I was able to apply the technique of Anchoring to encourage a young girl to speak. To read the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • Getting Back Into Shape - A Simple 4 Step Guide to Making Activity Fun
    Are you a plus size woman looking for alternatives to get slimmer, healthier and be more active without dieting or going to the gym? Here's a quick start step by step activity guide to reclaiming your health and feeling great at any size.

  • Watch Body Affirming TV Like "How to Look Good Naked" - Tip 14 - Be Curvy and Confident at Any Size
    For a plus size woman, it's not easy living in our fast fix, thin is in media driven, pluck and tuck, chop and drop, diet obsessed society. Most women struggling with excess weight find themselves stuck in a private body war, playing body comparison games with every gal they see. Hating your body, it's way too easy to fall into the trap of falling into a carton of ice cream. Rather than wasting your time searching and praying for the diet that will redeem you, instead give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack and enjoy a 60 minute self image makeover. Isn't it time you started watching some shows that actually made you feel good about your body? "How to Look Good Naked" fits the bill.

  • Setting Boundaries - Five Tips and Boundary Basics to Prevent Binging
    Have you ever found yourself running to the pantry to scarf down a box of chocolates after saying, "yes" to someone when you really wanted to say, "no?" Do you have a hard time being assertive and letting people know what's on your mind? Do you tend to be a people pleaser and find yourself completely overcommitted and overwhelmed? Instead of falling back into the old habit of emotional eating, and reaching for that cookie, read these 5 quick tips on setting boundaries.

  • Diets Don't Work - 9 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Dieting
    Diets don't Work! In April of 2007, a composite study done at UCLA, demonstrated that for up to 98% of all people, diets don't work. The underlying reason why most people regain their weight after losing on a diet is because diets don't teach you how to address the emotions that push you to eat when you're not hungry. It all comes down to two things, making peace with food and stress management. This article summarizes nine reasons why diets don't work.

  • Intuitive Eating
    I’ve made a personal choice and realized that dieting is no longer for me. Now at 43 years old, I am willing to lose my last remaining pounds through a process of trusting my body and eating in accordance with my hunger signals. It is called Intuitive Eating. This process is highly reputable and used to successfully treat people who suffer from all known eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binging, purging, and the like. To read the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • Chunking Your Way to Taking A Big Bite Out of Weight Loss
    Chunking is a term derived from computer language and it means to break something down into bits. These chunks of images and information are ways that you represent ideas in your head. To read the article, please click on the pdf link below.

  • To Diet Or Not to Diet - Review of Diet Vs Non-Diet Weight Loss
    Summer's coming. Are you a woman who wants to lose some weight? This article will help you to decide if going on a diet is the right thing for you. Perhaps you're ready to try a non diet method of weight loss called Intuitive Eating. That's right. No more diets! Eat what you love and lose weight slowly and naturally. Find out which method is right for you.

  • Self Acceptance - Freedom From Weight Obsession Begins by Making Friends With Food & Your Fat Parts
    Weight Obsession is a national pastime. Most women say they hate their bodies because they are too fat. Despite the fact that up to 67% of the women in the US are a size 14 and up, studies show that four out of five women hate their bodies. As a curvy plus size gal myself, being obsessed with how I looked has certainly been a big part of my life. For years, I bought into believing that my only value was my looks. Today after making the decision to stop dieting, I've learned that body acceptance begins when you stop depriving yourself of the foods you love.

  • Women's Weight Woes Outweigh Health & Well-Being - Associated Press & iVillage Poll
    Are you a woman more concerned with the size of your thighs than the general state of your health? If you are, you're not alone. In a recent Associated Press/iVillage poll in which 1000 women participated, half the women surveyed were distressed by the number on the scale, even 26% of the women whose BMI (body mass index) is in the normal range.

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