De-clutter for instant emotional freedom? Yes. That’s how it works. As a busy mom running a home based coaching and speaking business, I can honestly say that at any given day you can come into my home, enter my office or look in my refrigerator and it’s more effective than a crystal ball in predicting what is going on with my life and in my head.

It’s now become no surprise to me that when I find my thoughts getting scattered, it’s time to clean things up, literally. I’ll admit I was raised by a mom with no fear of dust. In my early years, clutter was king. Then as I grew up, I spent more time with my Nana who was as neat as a pin, so I have both those forces working in me at the same time.

Despite living in a large and lovely house in the suburbs, I rarely spend much time in most of the rooms. Beside my Green Room, the Family Den, my Bedroom, and Bath there are no other places in my home where I like to spend time. The two most important areas that really reflect who I am and have captured my heart are my kitchen and my home office. They are so me. When they are kept neat and clear of clutter, all is well, when they are left to go astray, it means something is up.

Could lack of productivity and clutter be related?

Today I walked into my home office and I knew it had happened again. Over the past couple of days I could see that the clutter was building, but I didn’t think anything of it because it wasn’t a big deal so I ignored it.   In the back of my mind, I had been realizing that I haven’t written any blog posts or new articles in the past couple of weeks and wondered if the two were connected.

As I scanned my desk, I instantly knew that they were. Over just a few days of not putting things back where they belong, adding papers to my desk, opening up mail and moving things around, my poor desk and my creativity was getting strangled.   My beloved beautiful desk had gotten cluttered with papers and files, folders, a book or two and a couple of CDs, a mini recorder, check books, and other assorted bits of craziness.

I was shaken to realize that the clutter bug had bitten me yet again. When that happens I know that not only is my environment getting cluttered, but my head and my emotions are also getting weighed down under some kind of chaos. The clutter outside is really just a reflection of what’s going on inside.  What do you think? Do you agree. Leave a comment or share a story and let’s discuss this.

Are you feeling caught up in a cluster of confusion surrounded by your own clutter? When you’re feeling the weight of your precious physical space being violated by the visual chaos around you, it may be time to clean things up, literally. De-clutter for instant emotional freedom? You decide.