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Long story short

Andrea Amador is equal parts sweet and oh so sassy. As a curvy and confident plus size body image coach Andrea shows mid-life women how to transform their blues and body shame into self-compassion and kindness so they can build their confidence from the inside-out.

As a Certified Empowerment coach Andrea specializes in body image and self-esteem coaching for women after abuse. She works with professional women who struggle with depression, and hating their bodies and teaches them how to transform their feelings of self-hatred, shame, guilt and fear into self-compassion, pride and kick-butt confidence.

She is the proud author of the book, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In” and a contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul’s new book, “Curvy &Confident: 101 Stories About Loving Yourself and Your Body.”

She is a rare combination of professional training and raw life experience which gives her the edge in helping women who struggle with body image and/or abuse issues. As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, she sprinkles her unique blend of storytelling, spice, playfulness, authenticity and expertise and mixes it all up in her own special way to empower women and girls to love the skin they’re in. Her website is www.thejuicywoman.com

Why believe me?

Back in 2008 one of my blog posts caught the eye of Dana Squilla, then Assistant Editor of First for Women Magazine. She interviewed me and I shared with her how my decision to stop dieting completely changed my life.

I told her how my body insecurites were jeopardizing my then 18 year marriage to my husband, Angel. I was obsessed with the fear that one day he would leave me for a thinner woman.

Despite the fact that he showered me with love and affection, and told me every day how much he adored my body, I just couldn’t believe that I was lovable as long as I was fat.

When I stopped dieting and had my first evidence that I had self-control around food, I realized that I had been walking around with my father’s angry fat phobic voice in my head.

Despite the fact that my father was loudmouthed, sarcastic and an opinionated guy, I adored him. He was such an important person in my life and I loved him so much. Like many kids, I idolized my dad and wanted to be just like him.

As a kid we had a great relationship and he was a big support. But from the time I went to live with him and my step mother, Rosie they were both worried about my weight. Over a short period of time, I had gained 30 pounds and the doctor said I had a heart murmur. My father was never an affectionate man and his way of showing me his love was to gently pat me on the head. I knew he loved me. Dad’s way of motivating me to lose weight was to obsess on everything I ate, and to make me feel ashamed of my size.

I didn’t think anything about it, because for all the years that I lived with my mother, I was so used to being sexually abused by my step father and so many men that my father’s put downs were nothing in comparison.

But that day as I stood in the mirror and heard him shouting at me, I realized that in order for me to release all my feelings of self-doubt, I had to start to question many of the limiting beliefs I picked up from him.

Having gone through a training to become a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I realized that I had a choice and I could change the voice of my inner critic.

In a heartbeat I went from shouting at myself with my father’s sarcastic and critical tone to gently talking to myself with my Nana’s warm and gentle voice. Changing my inner guidance was a pivotal point in my life. It restored my marriage because I stopped being obsessed about my weight long enough to realize that unconsciously I was pushing my husband out the front door.

For the first time ever, I realized that the problem was never my body. The problem was hating my body. It was the way I saw myself. As an abuse survivor, my perception of my value was distorted. Over time, as I grew to like, appreciate and respect myself more, I became friends with my body.

Are you tired of hiding too?

Are you tired of feeling enslaved by your insecurities? Terrified at the prospect of going sleeveless, putting on a pair of shorts, wearing a swimsuit out in public? Would you rather die than bare your thighs?

You’re so not alone. I used to feel the same way until I learned how to transform my doubts, fears and negative emotions into confidence.

I get you. I feel you. I know the inner turmoil you’ve been experiencing around feeling ashamed and wanting to hide. But you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Up until now, as an abuse survivor, food and eating has been your only way of feeling safe, loved and expressing your needs. You’ve been hurting and feeling alone. Nursing your hurt heart, food has been there for you when people let you down.

Despite the fact that you’re a very nurturing and loving person who is adored by many, deep down, you’ve convinced yourself that nobody loves or wants you. Thinking that way keeps you feeling the need to stay invisible and hide your light.

When you’ve been hurt, it’s frightening to know how to trust again.

As a bigger woman, living in a society where fat is demonized, every day you’re reminded of being overweight and you feel the pain and shame of not fitting in.

Comparing yourself to other women makes you think there’s something wrong with you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’re perfect in every way, but because you’ve been seeing yourself from the eyes of self-hatred and shame, you haven’t been able to know yourself from the eyes of love.

Without realizing it, you’ve been unconsciously trying to build a suit of armor that would create a barrier between you and rest of the world. But danger is not around every corner and not everyone is out to hurt you. The good news is you’re no longer that powerless, frightened, younger version of you. As an adult, you have a voice and a choice of what you want for your life.

Your excess weight is your source of power. But the only way you can tap into that awareness is by seeing yourself from a more gentle, loving perspective. When I teach you ways to create your own sense of safety, strategies to communicate your needs clearly, set boundaries and be more assertive with others, you’ll feel relaxed about letting down your walls and get excited at the prospect of living and loving more and getting healthier at your own pace. With all that energy, you can start to go after your dreams. I’m here to help you do all that. Come and join me if you’re ready to stop settling for less so you can step into your power. The best part of your life is about to begin!

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