Confidence-building and self-care workshops for women

Bounce back from adversity, bingeing, blues and body shame

Confidence-building and self-care workshops for women

Bounce back from adversity, bingeing, blues and body shame


The R.E.C.L.A.I.M. Method

Our coaching program empowers women business owners who are ready to stand out and be seen. We teach women how to use their story to leverage their personal power. It’s this confidence and sense of self-worth that makes it possible to end food obsession, get healthier and be happier. Check out our coaching system steps below:

Cope with Your Stress

Stress can make every situation feel like a crisis.  By learning to relax and quiet your mind you can connect with your heart and open up to inner wisdom so you can think more clearly.

Compassionate Self-care

Prioritizing your peace of mind is essential to building a strong self-esteem. These good feelings make it possible to nurture new habits of treating yourself and your body with love and respect.

Reclaim Your Life

As having more energy and feeling good  becomes a priority in your life, you’ll find that you have little tolerance for pity parties and feeling down. Seeing yourself in this new light, your confidence will soar. Now you can boldly move forward and go for your dreams.

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Your Body: Where Do You Carry Your Armor?

Your Body: Where Do You Carry Your Armor?

If you’ve ever experienced abuse, neglect or trauma you developed an unconscious belief that you weren’t safe in your body and the world was a dangerous place. Weight gain is often a consequence of being violated. Have compassion for yourself and treat your body kindly to break the cycle of shame.


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“Andrea Amador is truly The Juicy Woman. She shares her infinite expertise on self-esteem building and stress management with such humor and wisdom. Her endless arsenal of tools coupled with her extensive knowledge and personal experience make her a veritable fountain of information. But it is her compassion, warmth and down to earth realness that makes you keep coming back for more.”

Maria Elena Escobar

Professional Empowerment Coach and Author

“Andrea provided so much to the women in her class. It wasn’t only the tools and exercises she imparted to us that were of tremendous help, but her encouragement, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for her work that made the process so much more fulfilling. She is a great coach, never putting herself above her students, but always trying to teach, motivate, and go the extra mile for anyone who really wants to change their lives.”

Shari S., Montana


“Andrea is one of the most professional, focused, caring, creative and thoughtful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always full of ideas, she is way ahead of the curve eager to share with the world to help propel people’s dreams forward and have them live a full and vibrant life full of self-love and acceptance. She is a most loving, open-hearted, generous person and we are very, very lucky to have Andrea taking the world by storm on our behalf!”

Sally Shield

Author, “The Daughter-in-law Rules”




Learn the secrets to free yourself from depression and anxiety so you can take a bigger bite out of life and go after your dreams!

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