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With over 15 years of private and group coaching experience empowering women to make peace with food and friends with their bodies, Andrea is the ideal coach for any woman struggling with body image and self-esteem issues.

As an incest and abuse survivor, Andrea brings her clients the gift of empathetic listening and kindness. With her non-judgmental, calm, loving, gentle and deeply compassionate understanding of the unique challenges of abuse survivors, Andrea creates a safe space for clients and teaches them how to use a variety of stress-relief techniques to confront their negative emotions and transform their negative emotions to strength and power. move gently beyond their comfort zones so you can gain the confidence to create the changes you want. 

Private Coaching

Single sessions

Andrea will support you to create new positive habits that will empower you in every aspect of your life, from the bedroom to the boardroom. Her coaching rate is $200 for a single, 60-minute session.

She offers individual sessions for clients who are seeking short-term guidance or help with goal-setting. Andrea also works with ongoing clients who
prefer to pay on a session-by-session basis. 

Coaching packages

Andrea offers a variety of coaching packages for ongoing clients. A package is ideal for the woman who is ready to invest in her personal growth and wants to work privately with Andrea on one or more issues over a period of time.


Andrea coaches clients and mentors them in the following areas:

emotional eating
motivation to exercise
installing healthy eating choices and patterns
feeling safe around forbidden foods
preparing for job interviews
releasing body insecurities
body shame
releasing fear of being judged
fitting room frustrations
painful memories
building confidence to wear shorts and sleeveless tops
releasing sexual blocks
increasing sex drive
intensifying orgasms
enhancing creativity
writers’ block
performance anxiety
speeches and cold calls
putting the spice back in relationships
getting organized
feeling more relaxed
overcoming shyness
confidence in negotiating $$$ deals
coping with difficult people
increasing self-love
nurturing self-care

Have you been focused on your flaws, constantly tearing yourself down, and picking yourself apart? Living in a thin-is-in, forever young-focused society, it’s tempting to think your bigger, aging body is the problem. But it’s not. Worries about wrinkles or rolls, a fat butt or fallen boobs is just a distraction preventing you from being happy and living your life now!

Group Coaching


Learn the secrets to free yourself from food obsession so you can take a bigger bite out of life and go after your dreams!

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