How many times have you wanted to do EFT to avert a craving or overcome a random kinda cruddy feeling and you just didn’t want to go through the trouble of thinking of what you wanted to say? In our busy lives, we gals can get easily overwhelmed with all the daily to dos that we have to handle. Boy, does that create a pile of stress that if left unhandled will push you to run screaming for comfort back into the arms of food.

Let me show you an easy way to do EFT without all the hassle. I call this easy as pie process “Picture Me Okay.” Here’s why:

Scientific research in the field of Dyslexia shows that our brains store images or pictures in a different section of the brain separate from the place where language is interpreted.

That means that you can successfully do EFT without worrying about ‘getting it right’ or laboring intensely over creating the most effective set up phrasing. In truth, it really doesn’t matter what words you use to describe what you want to say, as long as you reinforce self acceptance by using the words, “I’m okay or I’m loveable as I am or any other thing that you want to say that affirms your self worth and precious value.

Most importantly you want to connect to how you feel as you hold an image in your mind.

This emotional connection is your greatest asset in really making EFT work for you. The next time you want to use EFT and don’t exactly know what to say, just focus on how you feel and let your memories lead you to a specific incident or feeling that you would like to change all the while tapping on the karate chop point or rubbing on the sore spot as you repeat the words, “I’m okay.” or any variation that feels right to you.

If, however you’d like to really get a handle on EFT and learn to use it like a pro, then you may want to invest in some of Gary Craig’s CDs that you can purchase on his website