I’m very excited to share with you the wonderful news that I’ve been working on transferring my Juicy Woman blog over to WordPress. If you know me, you’ve heard me talk about doing it for over a year, but the process has been so daunting that my progress has gotten stalled several times. It’s been tough, but I’m proud to say that I’ve almost got it licked. I have to tell you. My new version of The Juicy Woman Blog blog is fabulous, but it’s so not perfect. There was a problem with the sizing of my images, so a lot of my posts have blurry images, or won’t have photos until I can find suitable replacements. But I’ve decided that’s not a good enough reason to deny you the lessons I have to share any longer.

There’s a perfectionist part of me that’s wincing because I’ve decided to share this blog now. But in all honesty, if I hand the reigns over to her (procrastinating Andrea), you won’t see my blog for at least another year. So I’ve decided to take another path; the one less travelled. I believe in Marketingspeak, it’s known as “Launching it dirty.”

I’m walking my talk here, by opening the door, inviting you in to share my deepest thoughts offering to teach you to be happier so you can learn from my mistakes and gain from my triumphs now.
My last post on my Juicy Woman blog was on January 1, before my precious cat, Owie passed away. His passing last year on January 31, hit me hard, and it was a real taste of what depression for me feels like. I managed to pull myself out of it and I’m eager to share what has worked for me and the very unlikely place where I found my inspiration.  Going through that tough time made me ripe and ready to expand my message beyond talking about weight and food. As I watched my own weight go up, I realized that for many women, including me, overeating is a symptom of being depressed. And I wanted to start sharing my experiences in my own unique transparent way to help other women climb out of their depression.

You already know that I’ve been passionate about body acceptance for years. And that part of my message won’t change, but now at 54 years old, you will notice that I’ll be digging deeper and exploring topics that are more specific to women in their 40’s and beyond. Stick around and I’ll be sharing more about being an emptynester, aging, overcoming depression and facing grief, and much more. Because at the heart of life is change, and if you can’t face it with an attitude of acceptance and love, you’ll always be your own worst enemy.

So if you love my message, come follow me on social media, read my blog and let’s stay in touch. Now that I’ve released my blog, my next challenge is to give my Juicy Woman website a much needed makeover. It is so darned exciting being able to do all this techy stuff on my own because it flies in the face of my old limiting belief that doing that type of work was too much for me. All those years of being told I was just a dumb blonde and too stupid to handle something so technical. What amazing freedom to reinvent yourself.

How ’bout you? What have you been holding back on, waiting to get just right? Please share your story and let’s connect.