One of the 7 steps of my RECLAIM method, is “Act to Attract.” When you take action and put into motion your intentions, you powerboost your goals. It’s simply not enough to sit and visualize or just tap on a problem hoping that things will change. You have to do something in order to get the outcome you want. You have to take a risk. As a coach, I’ve learned to embrace the power of taking action and making baby steps toward your goals. By taking those smaller steps, it builds confidence which enables you to then begin taking quantum leaps that require more courage.

In the movie, “The Secret, ” author, speaker and self esteem expert, Jack Canfield, tells his story of how he manifested nearly $100,000 dollars early in his career. By taking consistent steps and holding an image of what type of lifestyle he would have within less than a year he made about $93,000.

There’s so much buzz about the movie, “The Secret.” Did you know that the movie is just a commercialized, upscaled presentation of the hermetic teachings that have been around for centuries? However the secret only discusses the Law of Attraction. There are several other universal laws that are not addressed in the movie.

All in all, the information that is made for public consumption through The Secret, is the same as the coveted information that was taught in ancient “mystery” and wisdom schools. These metaphysical, spiritual and Hermetic principles are finally being confirmed by science. All change, healing, personal growth and professional success are the result of using these principles – consciously or unconsciously.

Many people have learned how to use this “Secret” to their advantage. Case in point, is Jim Carrey, the actor, prior to making it big with Ace Ventura, he struggled as an actor. One day he was booed off of an Improv comedy stage in California.

It was at the moment of his losest point, when he made the decision to succeed. He reached into his pocket and took out a blank check and wrote it out for $10M. for acting services rendered. He often visualized himself acting in a movie, doing exactly what he loved most.

Several years later, he was paid that $10M to act in the film Ace Ventura Pet Detective. The late, Bruce Lee, famous martial artist and actor, also did the same thing by activating the Law of Attraction to ensure his success. He wrote a statement of his intention and sent himself the letter. Soon after he was called to act in the movie, “Enter the Dragon.” That was the film that brought him international acclaim. I understand that his original letter is actually in the Planet Hollywood restaurant at the New York City location.  I know next time I go there, I’m going to look for it.

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