Acceptance If you find yourself shrinking at the prospect of stepping out and expressing yourself, shining your light and boldly saying what on your mind, then your fear is holding your confidence hostage. I can help you solve that because I know what it’s like to feel ashamed of your body and want to hide yourself away and stay invisible. I did that and held my tongue for years, disgusted and angry I judged myself as spineless and it was so painful to me to feel so much disrespect for myself that I tried to use food to squash my resentment. But after I sobered up from my food coma, I ended up hating myself more than ever, wanting to dig a deeper hole and stay hidden. Are you feeling anxious about your body? The problem is not your body. It’s the way you’re thinking about yourself because you’re so much more than just a collection of body parts.

In the process of writing my book, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In” I went through a lot of grieving of my losses. One day while standing naked in front of my mirror, I heard the old familiar angry voices in my head, saying that I was fat, ugly and stupid. In that moment, I finally realized that voice wasn’t mine. It was someone who had hurt me in the past.

My dad was someone who I loved deeply despite his inability to love me. I realized that in my unending quest for his approval, I had become as critical of myself as he was of me. In an effort to hold onto some small part of him, I had somehow become my own worst enemy.

As I began the process of healing, I realized that the reason my eating was out of control was because I was hurting so much. So much sadness. When I looked deeper into and explored that hurt, I confronted a lot of anger. As I took steps to deal with those angry emotions, that’s when my desperate hunger began to quiet down.

I’ve created a 7 step system that has helped me to reshape my body and my life. I call it the RECLAIM system. Here is the 1st pillar of my RECLAIM system that I use myself and teach others. It’s helped me to lighten my load, so that I could let go, forgive and take steps to rebuild my life:

1. Take 100% responsibility for your life. Accept that your life turned out the way it did for a reason. You may not like the horrible things that have been done to you, or the circumstances you’ve faced, but they have made you who you are. Be honest with yourself right now. Be willing to open your eyes and see what’s in front of you. Start where you are. Then if you don’t like what you see, gather the courage to do something about it. If you’re caught in the past, stop blaming others and realize that the power to change your life lies in your ability to make choices now. Making the choice to forgive yourself and others is the quickest path to peace you’ll ever find. It’s not easy, but it’s so rewarding to let go of the past. Nelson Mandela once said, “resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die.” Your anger and resentment isn’t affecting those who hurt you, it’s affecting you. Let me teach you how to transform your negative emotions so that they can fuel your self-confidence. Click below to join my free weekly call and learn how to transform your shame to sassy!

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