On certain occasions, especially big holidays like Thanksgiving everyone tends to overeat.

Despite what you may have been led to believe about overeating, it’s really no big deal. Here are several ways that you can really enjoy your day!

SDRandCo (2) On certain occasions, especially during the holiday season everyone tends to overeat.

Despite what you may have been led to believe about overeating, it’s really no big deal. But the most important thing that I want to convey to you is that no matter or how much you eat today or any day, that doesn’t make you a bad person.

It’s high time that we start hacking away at the belief that overeating is shameful and it’s evidence of some sort of character defect, laziness or lack of discipline. None of that is true. That’s a nasty lie that’s been perpetuated by the diet organizations for a billion years that people have been conditioned to accept.

The answer is not another diet. You’ll only find the peace you’re seeking when you start to change the way you treat yourself. Losing weight doesn’t guarantee you happiness!

So here are a few ways to be gentle with yourself and respect your body stay in touch with your natural hunger signals and honor your appetite so that you can enjoy this day to the max.

Recognize that this day comes bagged with plenty of emotional baggage. You are bound to find yourself knee-deep in mixed emotions as you’re reunited with certain family members.

1)    Eat regular meals throughout the day prior to eating your holiday meal – Eat whatever you love throughout the whole day. Beware of the trap of the old diet mentality of saving up calories for the big meal.

2)    Bring a take home container if you are going to someone else’s house

3)    Wear clothes that are comfortable yet able to keep you aware of subtle changes of how your body feels

4)    Wear something special that reminds you of how beautiful and empowered you are! – a special bracelet, necklace, shawl, a hair comb, or a scarf, whatever you love!

5)    Listen to some inspiring music or do something you love to set the tone for the day

6)    As you prepare to eat, take a few moments to look at the food – Remember to feast with all your senses

7)    Choose to put small portions of the foods on your plate that really curl your toes – you can always have more!

8)    Say a quiet prayer of thanks acknowledging all of the hands and all of the lives that have participated to bring this food to you

9)    Midway between the meal, slow down and ask yourself, “What do I Really Want?”

10)    Pause in the middle of eating, to assess your level of hunger

11)    Take a sip of water and tune into that hunger

12)    Notice the eating habits of others around you – be curious and notice how far you’ve come!

13)    Engage with others at the table – really enjoy the experience

14)     Eat until you feel satisfied or feel the sigh coming on – notice the degree of satisfaction that you are getting from each bite

15)    Become aware of the well meaning and often loveable food pushers – smile knowing that “you’ve got their number.”

16)     Express yourself honestly, lovingly and firmly – Say, “No thank you, _____, it was all so delicious.  I am satisfied, but I’ll take some to enjoy it later.”

17)    Research shows that it’s human nature that we tend to eat whatever food is directly in front of us. When you’ve decided you’re satisfied, place your silverware on top of your plate, wipe your mouth with a napkin, place the napkin on top of the plate and move it to either your left or right side

18)    Make sure to leave room for dessert, if it is important to you. It’s important to me!

19)    Acknowledge and thank yourself for having all this wonderful new awareness and committing to loving your body more and being gentle with yourself

20) Above all, give yourself a big hug, just because you deserve it.

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